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Re: "comfort" seat

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  • petermholmes
    Hi Steve, ... Neither. On the one hand, Sprint Manufacturing s price isn t nearly ... On the other hand, I hated what Sargent did to my seat so much that I
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2002
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      Hi Steve,

      > Did they give you the exchange rate or "outright purchase"
      > rate for sending in your pan? My sloppy conversion for
      > exchange is $156. This looks like a better deal than sending
      > off to Sargents and hoping they get it right.

      Neither. On the one hand, Sprint Manufacturing's price isn't nearly
      what it used to be:

      > From: "Sprint Manufacturing"
      > To: "Peter Holmes"
      > Just send seat pan to Sprint Manufacturing
      > 30b Upton Lovell
      > Warminster
      > Wiltshire
      > BA 12 0 JW
      > England
      > The last time we did this the job cost £150 + return post

      On the other hand, I hated what Sargent did to my seat so much that I
      used the closed cell foam out of their seat to make my modified
      Thunderbird seat and threw the rest of their garbage away. As best I
      can tell from looking around, they use the same saddle pattern for all
      Thunderbird Sports; wide, cupped slightly under your bum, looks like a
      13 year old designed and manufactured it. I found them to be a total
      waste of a great big sum of money. Just my US$0.02 on the topic,
      though: lots of people are happy with their work.

      '00 TBS
      '99 TBS
      '67 Metralla MkII
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