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RE: [T TBS R] First oil change on '98 TBS

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  • jim mcgrath
    I own two 98 s, my freind has an 04....mine has 52k mi, the wife s has 14k mi. Although difficult to see thru my site glass (might change since it s hard to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 26, 2010
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      I own two 98's, my freind has an 04....mine has 52k mi, the wife's has 14k mi.

      Although difficult to see thru my site glass (might change since it's hard to view thru) , I go with the half site. Bought it from best mate who is original owner.

      Niether of us has been too concerned with the half full/half empty glass and my baby is running strong at '52.

      As far as I can tell knowing my bike for 12 years, 1/2 is better than full only cause you know it's not overfilled which can lead to it's own problems.

      If you can see an oil line you'll be OK

      To: triumphthunderbirdsportriders@yahoogroups.com
      From: j.jhudson@...
      Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 17:20:46 -0400
      Subject: [T TBS R] First oil change on '98 TBS

      Recently I posted my concerns about sight glass oil level with specific regard to the fact that
      my bike indicated an oil level higher than mid glass. When I purchased the bike the previous
      owner explained that the manual said midway but his experience was always full glass. He said
      that he drained 4 liters and added 4 liters. Then I read a post on some list somewhere that also
      indicated something along this line.

      However, several credible people on this forum have said no dice and that mid glass is the place to be.

      I changed the oil yesterday. I drained it from three places: two sump drains and the oil filter cavity.
      I drained only 3.8 liters out despite its being overfilled. Later, I poured in 3.2 liters, started the engine, let it
      idle for a few moments, turned it off, waited 30 minutes, and checked the sight glass. The oil level is
      now half way up the glass. The bike was being held upright by straps from the ceiling hooked to the
      handle bars and level was confirmed with a 4 foot bubble level rubber banded to the handle bars.

      Either 3/4 of a liter of old oil must have remained in the engine despite my best efforts or 3.2 liters fills me up.

      Since I drained 3.8 liters out and seem to have had .8 liters remaining in the engine, prior to the oil change I must have
      had about 3.6 liters in the engine, which I rode around for almost 2,000 miles(!)

      The shop manual specifically states that you should use the sight glass, and that half way up is the right amount of oil.
      So, I guess I'm all set...I just wanted to share these stunning technical revelations with you all and do my part keeping
      this thread alive and well, hopefully for many more posts to come. - Jimmy Hudson

      Jimmy/Janet Hudson
      Gobi Chows and Borzoi
      A Dog For All Seasons Grooming and Training

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