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Re: When you have a flat tire?

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  • petermholmes
    ... That s a little overboard, don t you think? I haven t had a single flat in well over 50K on modern tires. ... Agreed. ... I thought that too, until my R50
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 23, 2010
      > Only then will I consider taking the thing for an extended
      > trip away from home.

      That's a little overboard, don't you think? I haven't had a single flat in well over 50K on modern tires.

      > Personally I think it's a pathetic situation when we have gotten
      > so damn bogged down in technology that we can no longer change a
      > damn flat tire and have to have a motorcycle towed.


      > The TBS is a lot of fun to ride without the side car, but so is my
      > BMW '69 R69S without all the worries.

      I thought that too, until my R50 had a leeeetttlle tiny break in one of the wires in the alternator. Bike wouldn't start, and price of the replacement part IN 1975 was US$250.00 (to put it in perspective, at the time a rebuilt Chrysler alternator cost $US30.00). Superglue worked wonders, but the bike was out of my garage ASAP.

      Don't get me wrong; I like most BMW products. It's just that they're usually no more satisfying than and every bit as expensive to maintain as an American wife.
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