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Re: Wind shield set up....high speed wobble...

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  • rhythmelodyman
    ... roads... we were averaging 85-95mph for a third of the 300+ miles... This last year I went to a two peg windshield and mounted 17.5 x10 x 12 bags. It
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 31, 2008
      --- In triumphthunderbirdsportriders@yahoogroups.com, TERRY GINN
      ADVERTISING <tginnadv@...> wrote:
      > Question of windshield set up and speed....
      > This weekend I had the opportunity to ride west on some great
      roads... we were averaging 85-95mph for a third of the 300+
      miles... This last year I went to a two peg windshield and mounted
      17.5 x10 x 12 bags. It was windy.... when traveling over 103+ the
      front end starts to wobble... topping at 115 mph she wobbles baddly.
      > I was handling curves at 90 with easy....
      > When I had the smaller shield and bags the wobble did not kick in
      til 120-125...
      > I am interested to find out if there is any information on changing
      the set ups of wind shields to accomidate higher speeds. The larger
      shield is great for wind and bugs... and normally do not have the
      opportunities to stain travel at high speeds for extended periods of
      time. Or is it the bigger the shield the slower we must go.... Will
      the larger saddlebags cause greater drag and add to the high speed
      wobble? I did added speakers but that should be very limited in any
      air drag....
      > Or... is it possible that the front tire needs a high speed balance?
      could that cause a wobble over 105?
      > Also, our fuel milage drops radically when maintaining... I ran
      100 miles at 85-90 plus... I had to hit RESERVE at 105 miles... luckly
      there was a fuel ext withing 5 miles.
      > CRASH BAR/FOOT BAR for long rides... does anyone hava schematics of
      a foot bar/crash bar that can be bottled on for the longer runs? I
      would be great to put my feet up once in a while when traveling many
      > Is there A FLOORBOARD that will fit the TBS-Sport or Adventurer? I
      will be traveling out west next year and I am planning not to make
      this a more confortable trip....
      > Lastly... every time I stopped for fuel I had a good oilly mix
      dripping from the air box... a quick 4 inch puddle that was it... My
      site window shows her full... water/coolent level is down but it was
      also 88 degrees....
      > These are strong engines & great bikes... I plenty of power to pass
      80-95 in a heart beat.... I wonder how the new Thunderbird will
      preform on the high end....
      > Thanks in advance for the ideas....
      > Terry Ginn
      > 2001 Adventurer
      > Kent Ohio
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

      Hi Terry:

      I have used a National Cycle Plexifairing 3 since 2002. I use this
      windshield about 60% of my riding time. I shortened the height of the
      windshield about 2 inches by cutting material away from the headlight
      contour area. The reason I shortened it is because I like to be able
      to look at the road without having to look through the windshield.

      The result is very good, and no wobbles from my '98 TBS. I have
      soloed and double up toured with this windshield for tens of thousands
      of kilometres with no handling issues. Flat out straights on the
      Canadian and American prairies, and turning twisties in the Rockies,
      Appalachian, and Sierra Nevada mountains... Never a wobble or
      disconcerting feeling at all. Most of my touring is in the 120 kph to
      170 kph range (75 to 105 mph). Sometimes when the situation is right
      I have averaged some very high speeds in the 180 to 215 kph range (110
      to 135 mph)... and that's about all the top end I can reasonably get.

      One time with the bike loaded with a trunk, saddle bags, tank bag, a
      small tent and double air mattress, and my wife and I (about 470 lbs
      total) we were cruising easily at over 200 kph (125 mph). Very
      surprised at that!! We looked like the Clampetts!

      No problems with handling. I can't really compare anything above
      about 190 kph without the windshield because I find the wind blast
      becomes extremely uncomfortable physically at those kind of speeds
      without a windshield.

      The Plexifairing 3 is a four point mount system, and I played with the
      mounts to get the most streamlined angle I possibly could manage.
      Once you have the mounts established, removal and installation is
      about 2 minutes either way.

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