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Re: [T TBS R] High-side with Ma's Engine Guards

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  • chris griffin
    I think buckets are good investments. Glad you re still with us Bill! -grif Bill wrote: This is going to be a cross post with
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2005
      I think buckets are good investments. Glad you're still with us Bill!


      Bill <bushwhacker@...> wrote: This is going to be a cross post with Triumph Classic's so you guys
      may see it more than once!

      What I think happened -

      I talked to someone who had talked to one of the riders behind me
      (or maybe I even talked to one of the riders behind me - not sure as
      this was when I was still in the Hospital) I also went and looked at
      the bike and then went back and visited the accident site and looked
      at the pavement markings and tire tracks and did a little accident
      reconstruction. It appears that it happened the same way most MC
      accidents happen. What do they use as a euphemism for stupidity, oh
      yeah, PILOT ERROR.

      I was on Cat Springs road (small narrow side road with no painted
      lines) turning left onto 949 (Large county road with painted lines
      and a 65 mph speed limit).

      I decided to get on it pretty hard. I either overshot the road a
      little or caught a little bit of gravel coming out of Cat Springs
      and broke traction at the rear tire. Anyway the rear tire left the
      pavement surface and ended up in a lot of gravel and lowered uneven
      pavement by the side of the road. The rear wheel was only on the
      gravel/lowered pavement combination for about 15 feet, way too short
      a time for me to compensate before it low sided on the left side.

      Based on the damage to me and the bike, I think that after it low
      sided on the left, the highway peg attached to the Ma's engine guard
      caught the pavement and flipped the bike back up onto the road
      surface in a moderate highside and it and I landed on our right

      The left mirror is broken off and the left highway peg has swiveled
      on the engine guard. On the right side the tack, is broken loose and
      hanging, the hwy peg has swiveled on the Ma's engine guard. The
      right engine guard is scraped where it slid on the roadway, and the
      right rider peg is broken off. There is a little road rash on the
      right front edge of the headlight cover and just a bit on the end of
      the dunstall replica pipe on the right side.

      On me, the left wrist is sprained and swollen and there is a cut on
      the back of it. On the right side, I think I basically went up into
      the air and came down mostly on the right side of my head/face and
      my right shoulder. The right and front sides of the Helmet took the
      brunt of the impact, there is a fairly large bruise on my right
      forehead, and there is a small cut on my right ear. My right
      shoulder is bruised and the right shoulder of my jacket has a small
      tear in it.

      They tell me I was unconscious at the scene for 8-10 minutes and I
      do not remember anything between turning left and the emergency
      room, except a being lowered onto a stretcher after already being
      taped to a backboard which indicates to me a pretty good head smack
      which most likely came from being flipped into the air during a

      This is all based on what I have heard and what I put together from
      the markings and tracks at the scene. I actually do not remember any
      of it.

      There is no damage to the tank or fenders. No damage to the engine,
      clutch, or transmission or their covers. There was some oil and gas
      spills at the scene so the oil will need to be changed and the tank
      and carbs drained, cleaned and refilled.

      All in all, I am very happy with the protection provided by the Ma's
      Engine Guards.

      I did not have my camera with me at the time but I will try to get
      out to the dealer's tomorrow before they start fixing it and take
      some photos.

      Now the adjustor is telling me the forks may be bent and if so they
      will most likely total the bike. If they do that I am buying the
      wreck and you guys can expect to see me on here looking for parts.

      Here are links to a couple of photos of my helmet after the get-off.



      What do you think?

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    • Alec Gore
      Glad you are OK. Bet you are glad you weren t wearing an open-face helmet! Regards Alec
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 30, 2005
        Glad you are OK. Bet you are glad you weren't wearing an
        open-face helmet!


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