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8655RE: [T TBS R] chain and sprockets

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  • Rick Korchak - webBikeWorld
    Jun 1, 2004
      I haven't done the job yet, still waiting for parts, but I did get a brand
      new front sprocket also with 17 teeth, I didn't check, but the parts counter
      guy told me the original front has 17 teeth, can anyone confirm?

      I do plan on changing out the front and rear sprockets along with the chain.
      Dropping one tooth in the rear I hope will give slightly better acceleration
      and lower the speed at which I have to engage 6th gear. On the back country
      roads around here (Northern MD), I rarely get into 6th. I'm hoping this
      combo will give me more grunt in the lower gears where I use it most.

      According to their chart, 17 tooth front and 43 rear (which I think is
      what's on the stock bike) yields a 2.53 ratio. Leaving the 17 tooth front
      and adding a 42 tooth rear would drop it to 2.47, not much really, and now I
      wonder if I'll notice any difference. I thought I heard once that it wasn't
      a good idea to fool with the number of teeth on the front sprocket?


      Rick Korchak
      A planet full of motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, clothing, helmets,
      reviews and more!

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      From: John Nathan Urbanek [mailto:triumphthunderbirdsport@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 2:26 PM
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      Subject: RE: [T TBS R] chain and sprockets

      I went to jt sprockets
      you said you put a 42 tooth, on the rear, but did you change the front? It
      is rec-o-mended you change the sprockets when you renew the chain...any
      other thoughts on this???
      look at the chart in the web addresse, and se what you's think. I suppose a
      little more punch outta the whole would help. I can take my friend's Buell
      x1 Lightning out of the hole, but comes by me at about 60.... I do alot of
      freeway riding/trips also. What are your thoughts TBS pit crew?
      > I bought two rear sprockets, a 43 tooth (stock) and
      > 42 tooth just for kicks.
      > I bought the JTF sprockets and a DID chain. The front sprocket was
      > $22.33, rears were $43.77 each and the 530V-110 X-ring chain was
      > $101.58.

      ain and sprockets
      > yet?
      > I have to purchase a new set after 11,500 miles.
      > Streeeeeetched out! Looks like a 2-3 hour job...
      > Any advice? Would anyone
      > change the gear ratio?
      > -Cheers, Johnny


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