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14939To upgrade, or to sell

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  • nicholas.thibault
    Oct 7 10:26 PM
      Hello again all,

      I realize I may have asked this question a few different ways in previous posts, but I figured I would pose a more conscience variant in hopes of aiding me in making up my minds once and for all.

      I love the styling on my 1998 black TBS.  With a bit of tweaking,it would be cosmetically perfect.  However, getting just 72 hps out of the engine is a bit low for my taste, and I am considering doing some engine work to increase that as much as possible.

      So, a few questions

      1.  What is the maximum amount of hp and torque that anyone has gotten out of their TBS?
      2.  How much did it cost you to get your bike to perform at that amount?
      3.  What sacrifices in other areas of performance did you notice?
      4.  Is it worth it to invest the money to get that extra HP, or should I simply trade her in for something will similar styling but a bit more engine ( a Ducati Sport Classic for instance)

      Thanks all,

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