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14929RE: [T TBS R] Selling my 98 TBS

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  • Bill Harper
    Sep 17, 2013



      I just purchased a 96 Adventurer (almost same bike as the thunderbird). Bike is in excellent condition with 30,000km, I paid $3,700 Canadian. I live in Toronto.


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      Subject: [T TBS R] Selling my 98 TBS



      Decided to sell my beloved 98 TBS after a 13-year long love story. I have not put any listing yet but I checked craigslist, ebay and other sites and prices seem to range between $3,000 and $3,500. Mine is red / black, has 25,500 miles on it and I religiously serviced it every year + cleaned carbs last March. Anybody has an opinion if price range sounds right?

      I live in Manhattan and now have wife + 2 kids. I just find myself riding it less and less + carrying costs here are brutal (parking, insurance,maintenance, tickets etc...). I guess I am just trying to justify myself for doing it to her...

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