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14923Re: [T TBS R] Terrible MPG

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  • Dennis Henderson
    Sep 6 12:34 PM
      I skinned my knuckles quite a bit!!   ;^)
      Thank You,

      On Sep 06, 2013, at 12:47 PM, James Tennier <tennier@...> wrote:

      Denny, Just curious. Removing the tank of my now (gone 03 TBS) was really simple. How did you pull that plug without removing the tank? 

      From: Dennis Henderson <dennyhenderson@...>
      To: triumphthunderbirdsportriders@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 12:44 PM
      Subject: Re: [T TBS R] Terrible MPG

      It is possible to remove the center plug without removing the tank as long as you use the Triumph wrench and a correct socket to fit the top of it.

      I am not saying that is a pleasant experience, but I have done that a few times.
      Thank You,

      On Sep 04, 2013, at 02:16 PM, petermholmes <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      The plug wrench included in the toolkit works.

      --- In triumphthunderbirdsportriders@yahoogroups.com, <triumphthunderbirdsportriders@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I understand your point in regard to MPG calculations taking time, but I drive the same route every day. Traffic is the same, and previously I had good consistency on the MPG.
      OFF Topic but, any one know a good way go get to the middle spark plug given the frame blocks it??

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