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14085Re: [T TBS R] Diagnosis?

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    May 1, 2011
      I have a 2001 Adventurer and for years I shut off my fuel every time I stop.
      Been a habit on many bikes since I started riding in the late 70's.

      If you think it is floats and needles and you do not wish to tear down carbs.
      I have used a 'turkey baster" and filled my carbs with seafoam over night. I
      have done this twice in the past 3 years. Made a slight difference after 4
      months of sitting idle.

      I did have to replace my igniter (not cheap, went with after market) in 2009.
      Road to Myrtle beach, could not figure out why I had lost a cylinder.
      Although on two these bikes still have power amazingly enough.

      There are many articles on how to check your coils, wires and igniter.

      My two cents...

      Best of luck.

      Terry Ginn
      Kent, Ohio
      2001 Adventurer

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      Sent: Sun, May 1, 2011 12:48:16 PM
      Subject: [T TBS R] Diagnosis?

      Apologies in advance for the cross posting, but I'm getting desperate because...

      Joy of joys, I'm now down to 0 of 2 Thunderbird Sports functioning.

      Went to start the yellow one Friday, gas started pouring out. Got it started,
      rode it around for a few miles, using my left hand on the gas tap as the float
      needle, trying to get the float needle to shake loose, finally gave up. That
      one's in a generic bike repair shop because my "official Triumph dealer"
      (Spitzie's, Albany, NY) refuses to service Hinckleys which are older than when
      he became a Triumph dealer in 2009.

      The blue one (which also had gas pouring out of it when I went to start it this
      year, but in that case the needle did shake loose) has been backfiring through
      one of the carbs occasionally, but typically only after prolonged periods at low
      load and low rpm. The coils were all replaced last year (along with the
      ignition pickup which literally came unglued).

      Yesterday I took it out and, after warming it up thoroughly, ran it up through
      the gears in a nice empty spot of road. Bike did not want to go over about 105
      mph and, after about 15 seconds or so at full throttle, one of the cylinders

      At idle, I have a reasonably happy 885cc Triumph. At anything above idle,
      almost as soon as I start to open the throttle I have a 590cc Triumph.

      For what it's worth, the bike did the same thing last fall, but I kept riding
      and, eventually, after about 15 miles, it started working again. This year, no
      joy, even after dumping a load of STP carb cleaner in and riding the 50 miles

      Anybody have any thoughts?

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