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14075Re: Chain and Sprockets

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  • eawtbs98
    Feb 3, 2011
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      Wow Thats alot milies on OEM sprockets. I have 23K on the OEM. The sprockets do look good. On the chain all the rollers are free, but I have two places where ther is like a kink in the chain. But I have always lube my chain about every 200 miles. I was thinking I shouldn't replace just the chain. I thought that may cause faster wear.
      Thanks for everyones input, Eric

      --- In triumphthunderbirdsportriders@yahoogroups.com, Gary Gavin <gary.l.gavin@...> wrote:
      > I've currently have a DID ZVM aka ZVMX chain on mine and get similar mileage
      > as the others. In addition to the lubrication regime this model DID chain
      > is designed for the 1400cc bikes. IMHO this helps extend the life of the
      > chain. I put AFAM sprockets on at the first recommended chain/sprocket
      > change. The condition of the OE sprockets was excellent so I decided to
      > only replace chains in the future and check the condition of the sprockets.
      > Somewhere around the 50k mark I replaced the countershaft sprocket just to
      > check it's condition. It was fine. Now with 100k + miles the rear sprocket
      > sill looks good. I checked the countershaft sprocket about 5k miles ago and
      > it was still good. FYI I had a 2k Tiger that I used OE (Sunstar) sprockets
      > and the same DID chain. I put over 60k on the sprockets and they were just
      > fine when I sold it. I replaced the chain once in that time.
      > An observation on chain adjustment - the three shops that replaced chains
      > for me all adjusted the chain tension too much. If you have a shop do the
      > work double check the adjustment when you get home. Tension is another
      > component in extending chain life.
      > --
      > Gare
      > 98 TBS
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