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14074Re: [T TBS R] Re: Chain and Sprockets

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  • Gary Gavin
    Feb 2, 2011
      I've currently have a DID ZVM aka ZVMX chain on mine and get similar mileage
      as the others. In addition to the lubrication regime this model DID chain
      is designed for the 1400cc bikes. IMHO this helps extend the life of the
      chain. I put AFAM sprockets on at the first recommended chain/sprocket
      change. The condition of the OE sprockets was excellent so I decided to
      only replace chains in the future and check the condition of the sprockets.
      Somewhere around the 50k mark I replaced the countershaft sprocket just to
      check it's condition. It was fine. Now with 100k + miles the rear sprocket
      sill looks good. I checked the countershaft sprocket about 5k miles ago and
      it was still good. FYI I had a 2k Tiger that I used OE (Sunstar) sprockets
      and the same DID chain. I put over 60k on the sprockets and they were just
      fine when I sold it. I replaced the chain once in that time.

      An observation on chain adjustment - the three shops that replaced chains
      for me all adjusted the chain tension too much. If you have a shop do the
      work double check the adjustment when you get home. Tension is another
      component in extending chain life.
      98 TBS

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