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13028Re: [T TBS R] Clutch

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  • kumara04
    Oct 5 11:50 PM
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      Happy to say got it sorted last night
      In all been a worth while experience as learnt a lot about the
      motorcycle, which can only be helpful.

      I was myself convinced electrical, the Haynes wiring diagram is quite
      good, but a lot of extra information would be good.

      What I hadn't said earlier was the bike had just come back from a
      Triumph dealer, having givern them several hundred pounds to do a
      full major service, new chain, battery, MOT etc. So either they never
      acturally put her in gear or would have found the problem, or simply
      didnt tell me!

      They did say they had took the fuse out from the alarm as the alarm
      was not working, which when I dismantelled found a very corroded
      battery, I unplugged the unit. (The dealer simply pulled the fuse as
      they said it was causing the bike to not start)

      So...and it looks like the last post was going were I went
      eventurally, after much studying of the circuits I moved the link in
      one of the alarm auxillary sockets and she went into gear no problem.
      I had relised that when fitting the alarm they had maved the original
      link to give a - connection to one of the alarm sockets, thus when I
      removed the alarm had to relocate the link. (Something the dealer
      didnt seam to pick up on either.

      So turned out to be very simple, still as said, I have got to know a
      little more about the bike and that's no bad thing.

      Thanks for all the suggestions

      Stockton on Tees, UK
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