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13018Re: [T TBS R] Clutch

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  • kumara04
    Oct 5, 2008
      Ref: Bike stalls when put in gear!
      Remember this bike has been in a shed for 6 years

      Having I beleive eliminated the kick stand switch
      Reading newly aquired Haynes manual, I thought I would look at the
      clutch plates. (The book suggests could be stuck together) If nothing
      else you learn a bit about your bike!
      Anyway took all the plates off which looked fine to me. put back on,
      snapped a bolt...gave up for the day...Today managed to extract the
      broken bolt and fit the clutch again.
      I noted, and did note before snapped bolt the torcue settings quite low
      for these bots, beware if you do! Did these to 10NM as book but added
      some thread lock to be happy

      Now this is my only modern motorcycle, my only other bikes are all
      Sunbeams www.onthebeam.co.uk
      Now the Sunbeam has a dry clutch and that's all I have any experience
      off. When I disengage when in gear on the Sunbeam, the rear wheel turns
      and freely as if not in gear at all.
      However with no experience of a 'wet' clutch, with several plates all
      covered in oil, then there is some drive to the rear wheel, i.e. when
      clutch operated in gear, the wheel is not 'locked' but does take some
      of a small effort to push around by hand, rather than freely if not in
      gear at all.
      Does that make sence?
      Is this correct, I feel must be but interested in feedback

      So assuming not side stand switch and clutch plates not stuck. Any

      I'm now considering the switch on the clutch lever!
      Not 100% what this does?
      It reads stops you starting the bike in gear, however if a fault will
      it also stall the bike if not operating correct?

      Any thoughts, especially on the rear wheeel and should it turn freely
      when in gear with clutch disangaged or would I expect some drag from
      the 'wet' clutch


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