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13007Re: [T TBS R] Clutch

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  • Todd Luchette
    Oct 3 9:30 AM
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      Sounds right to me.


      On Oct 2, 2008, at 7:54 PM, kumara04 wrote:

      > Yesterday I took the switch off, sealed unit so not much can do, under
      > the rubber 'boot' was quite oily.. however traced the cable back (as
      > said 3 core) to a lug and socket (Two core from that point).
      > Testing the switch from the plug with ohms meter the switch operated
      > fine. NC when not operating, i.e. switch closed when stand up.
      > So the sitch looks ok.
      > However after further thought next job I will connect the two points
      > in
      > the socket, as this will replicate the switch closed. If no change
      > then
      > I can eliminate the switch...That's todays job
      > Thanks so far
      > Mike

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