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12355Re: [T TBS R] 4.5 rpm to make 70mph ! Does it seen right to you??

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  • petermholmes
    Jan 1, 2008
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      > I always "worry" about it revving too high to get decent speed
      > out of it, but I'm comfortable up to 80-85 MPH over longer spans.

      Don't worry too much about it, Norm.

      When I had the LegendTT I got pissed off at the Nova Scotia Triumph
      dealer (he told me he couldn't possibly get me in for the 12k check,
      which is basically an oil change, in any less than 4 business days).
      It was Thursday morning and I was in Atigonish, Nova Scotia when he
      told me that. By Thursday afternoon I was relaxing in my hotel room a
      few miles north of Ellsworth, Maine. Did a lot of it at an indicated
      110mph in the TBS equivalent of 5th gear... :)
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