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12282Re: [T TBS R] Re: adhesive for tank pad

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  • Bill Bill
    Dec 4, 2007
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      hey Peter, that's just the information I was looking
      for. Thanks very much. I really appreciate it. Bill
      1998 TBS Sport

      --- tbsbiker2 <tbsbiker2@...> wrote:

      > Bill,
      > I can tell you how I mounted rubber knee pads on my
      > classic Triumph, I
      > used a black RTV silicone. Clean the tank area with
      > a paint friendly
      > cleaner to get all grease and wax off...then apply a
      > thin bead of
      > sealer around the outside edges and a few thin lines
      > in the center
      > areas so everything sticks down. Key is to keep it
      > off the edges by
      > 1/4 inch or so so you dont end up sqeezing a bunch
      > beyond the outside
      > edges (you can clean that up VERY carefully once dry
      > if you spots that
      > leakout). you don't need alot of sealer! Also I used
      > some masking tape
      > to indicate a top and side reference point so when I
      > put it down I had
      > a guide to follow.
      > Some of the others may have a different method. Mine
      > have been on my
      > Trophy for over 2 years now with no signs of comming
      > off or lifting.
      > Peter
      > 2000 TBS
      > 1970 TR6R
      > 1972 Combat Commando
      > -- In
      > triumphthunderbirdsportriders@yahoogroups.com,
      > "atlantajaguarfan"
      > <atlantajaguarfan@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey guys, I just ordered and received a Triumph
      > black rubber tank
      > pad for my TBS. Haven't
      > > even taken it out of the package yet. My question
      > is what kind of
      > glue/adhesive should I use
      > > to put it on my tank? Dumb question I know. But
      > just want to do it
      > the right way. Thanks, Bill
      > >

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