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12007RE: [T TBS R] pipes etc.

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  • Norm Bour
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Got a '99 TBS myself, just shy of 20K miles and it's been flawless. Just put
      a chain and sprockets on and learned the value of ongoing maintenance. The
      pipes do blue and I agree the engines do make a little more noise that you
      would expect, almost sewing machine sounds, but with ear plugs it purrs!
      Ride safely.

      The OC

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      Subject: [T TBS R] pipes etc.

      Hello All

      Couple of questions from a newbie

      Ive recently bought a 99 TBS (stacked pipes) - Its a low (8000)
      miles bike -in great condition - full service history etc. standard
      factory tune - and rides very well. Not owned it for long though,
      done approx 400 miles on it between rainstorms.

      just wondering

      a) is 'blueing' of the header pipes normal on these bikes ? (I know
      what causes it in general terms)

      b) I noticed a 'ticking' from the front of the engine at and just
      off idle - anything to worry about ?

      thoughts appreciated


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