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Re: Special Press Release from Norton Motorcycle Co.

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  • snslawr
    Nice try dude but time stamp indicates you were 43 minutes shy of April 1. ... for ... from ... style ... functionalism, ... as ... of ... US ... our ... new
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2006
      Nice try dude but time stamp indicates you were 43 minutes shy of
      April 1.

      --- In triumphmotorcycleclub2@yahoogroups.com, "Lorin Guy"
      <loringuy@...> wrote:
      > For immediate release:
      > Gladstone, Oregon, USA Norton Motorcycle Co. and Norton Motorsports
      > announced yesterday that it will be the first company to offer an
      > alternative fuel motorcycle to the general public.
      > The company says its plans to be the first "green" motorcycle
      > manufacturer in the USA and is setting a new standard.
      > The 961/BFY (Bio-Fuel Yellow) Commando represents a new beginning
      > Norton Motorcycles. The Bio-Fuel Commando is designed and built
      > the ground up; this bike continues the Norton legacy of defined
      > and performance.
      > This modern roadster reflects the soul of the original machine only
      > cleaner. Classic sculptural forms are combined with raw
      > laying beautiful shapes over a structural frame and muscular motor;
      > resulting in a visual language that is both sensual, purposeful and
      > Clean burning. With a very narrow waist and curves in just the right
      > places, the 961/BFY (Bio-Fuel Yellow) is a bike that feels as good
      > it looks and is environmentally friendly.
      > The Commando BFY (Bio-Fuel Yellow) will run on E85 ethanol, a blend
      > 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline and is a renewable resource made from
      > grown corn. Because it reduces green house emissions E85 is an
      > exciting new energy. Norton wants to be the first motorcycle company
      > to tap this market.
      > Feeling pressure from EPA on its regular fuel motorcycles Norton
      > President said at a press conference " this will enable us to get
      > motorcycle to market earlier than expected" "we are now offering the
      > new green Norton to some of our first customers in an effort to get
      > these bikes moving".
      > It's unclear how many of the customers with deposits placed on the
      > Norton will switch to the new Bio-fuel Norton, but the company is
      > hoping to sell three thousand in the first year of production.
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