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Re: Changes for the better, hopefully

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  • barry.croft
    Hi John > the fact that he drove into the back of you is a > straight forward offence So I thought. I wanted him done for driving
    Message 1 of 19992 , Oct 1, 1999
      Hi John<br><br>> the fact that he drove into
      the back of you is a <br>> straight forward
      offence<br><br>So I thought. I wanted him done for 'driving without
      due care and attention' or similar, but was advised
      that since the police had taken up the case I didn't
      need to do anything. Well, I REALLY wanted to go round
      with a baseball bat of course, but that wouldn't be,
      er, cricket!<br><br>I was a bit disappointed when I
      heard they were only doing him for lack of insurance,
      and really pissed off when I heard he'd got away with
      it. But ...<br><br>> Solicitors should all have
      the same sort of <br>> training and your one
      should have taken your <br>> case to the Motor
      Insurance Bureau<br><br>... my solicitor did take it to the
      MIB (I should have explained that earlier) and I did
      in due course receive compensation for material
      losses (repairs, clothing etc), but not for the
      injuries. So although I still felt wronged I let it go at
      that. In the UK a busted leg is only worth about �6k to
      �8k (UKP) in compensation, max, IF you can show
      lasting impairment and IF you win, and NOT necessarily
      covering costs on top. As others have said, I bet it would
      have been a different story altogether in the States.
      <br><br>> Failing to warn officers for court is a regular
      <br>> problem that the Crown Prosecution Service
      <br>> had a few years back<br><br>My neighbour works
      for the CPS so I'll see what he has to say about it.
      In (slight) defence of the police, the Thames Valley
      area was seriously underfunded and undermanned at the
      time, and I know officers on the beat hate the time
      they waste hanging around in court. But I wonder how
      much it wasted in magistrates' fees etc, only to drop
      the charges in the end? Not very efficient.<br><br>It
      scared the life out of girlfriend by the way. She
      happened to drive past the scene just after I'd been
      scraped up into the ambulance and saw my bike lying in
      the road, and it took half an hour for the police to
      confirm to her I wasn't dead.<br><br>Barry
    • David Cohen
      ... Just get over it, Paul. April fools doesn t happen again till next year. dc
      Message 19992 of 19992 , Apr 29, 2005
        --- In triumphmotorcycleclub2@yahoogroups.com, "grandpaulz"
        <grandpaulz@h...> wrote:
        > I am totally fed up with Yahoo's lame new
        > interface and ever-changing next/previous
        > list scrolling idiocy.

        Just get over it, Paul. April fools doesn't happen again till next
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