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Re: Digest Number 4012

Definitely still in business, website is working here ☺ Jason Chinn Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2 -------- Original message -------- From:
Mar 9

Re: Canley Classics

I was beginning to wonder if this site was still in business. Nothing mucg seems to happen nowdaysMark(Spit3, Herald 1250 now sold) On Monday, 9 March 2015,
mark hall
Mar 8

Re: Canley Classics

Their website works for me......just tried it. chad in tulsa Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"blackbelair@... [triumph_herald]"
Mar 8

Canley Classics

Is Canley Classics still in business? I can't get to their website and their Facebook page last posting was in December.
Mar 8

triumph factory manuals for sale

triumph herald spitfire and gts factory manuals for sale http://www.rochestertriumphclub.org/blogs/post.aspx?id=26 scot marechaux | 1/8/2015 triumph herald
Jan 8

64 Herald convertible project sale

Good afternoon all, Due to a variety of circumstances I need to move my '64 right hand drive 1200 convertible Herald Project to a new home. The various
Huneycutt, Brian
Dec 8, 2014

Gas cap

Hi all, In a rush, yesterday, I drove away from the pump forgetting to reinstall my gas cap. Later, I retraced my steps, since my destination wasn't far away,
Dec 3, 2014

Re: I need the followings parts, let me know if you can help

Chris- Where are you located?  I have a spare wheel. Chad in Tulsa   From: "Christopher Chew chris.chew@... [triumph_herald]"
Dec 1, 2014

I need the followings parts, let me know if you can help

Hi all I need the following parts for the '66 Herald convertible: 1. Petrol Tank my tank version has a screwed on sender but the baffle inside is corroded. 2.
Christopher Chew
Dec 1, 2014

Re: White Rubber Bumper Set

Chris, pretty much all the rubber bits are readily available from various suppliers...in England, among them Canley Classics, Rarebits4classics, T.D. Fitchett
Andrew Mace
Nov 13, 2014

White Rubber Bumper Set

Hi Everyone New owner of '66 Triumph Herald Convertible. This Herald was stored for over 20 years in an unused warehouse cold room (refrigerator, in other
Nov 12, 2014

Re: Thrust washers. In the car?

In 1971 I re ringed replaced journal bearing in my 948cc Saloon Patience an perseverance it can be done I have done several in car rebuilds more recently 1/4
Ian Lovi
Sep 27, 2014

Re: Thrust washers. In the car?

Oddly enough, I've never had to do anything on a Herald that involved dropping the oil pan, even after all these years! But I'd have thought it could be done,
Andrew Mace
Sep 27, 2014

Re: Thrust washers. In the car?

Art, thanks. I was hoping it would be easier :) . My mounts are a little cheesy, if I have to undo them, I should replace them too. At least I don't have to
Michael Parrish
Sep 27, 2014

Re: Thrust washers. In the car?

Replacement of thrust washers requires you to pull the pan and the centre main cap which retains these washers, As I recall, these are a weakness that can
Michael Rogers
Sep 27, 2014
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