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Look at this 1 Penny Homeland Security Co. Update

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      A 1 Penny watch for this coming week.
      "Homeland Security Sector"
      Watch This Stock Trade, presents
      Sciax Corporation
      Sciax Wolf Pack Remote Viewing System allows us to, 
      See the Bad guys, First!
      Breaking News was released , The watch starts now
      Sciax Announces Further Progress in BASE 1 Product Revenue Realization
      BAY CITY, MI and TORONTO--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 4, 2005 -- Sciax Corp. announced today that it has received notification that Linvatec is preparing for the first commercial sale of the Sciax developed and patented BASE 1 product. As previously announced, the Intellectual Property rights for this product have been assigned to Linvatec and as part of this agreement Sciax could realize up to $3,000,000 in royalty payments over the next five years.
      This is an important milestone in the development of this revenue stream and indicates that royalty payments can be expected to be received as sales of the BASE 1 product progress," stated Ralph Manore, President of Sciax Technology Inc.

      Sciax Delivers Product to U.S. Military

      Sciax Corp. reported today that it has completed delivery of the confidential defence product developed by Sciax R&D partner Eomax Corp. to its U.S. military customer.

      A briefing of the customer focusing on product capabilities and applications was provided by Sciax personnel and Ken Smart of Eomax Corp. as part of the delivery process. "The delivery was well received by the customer and further discussions with this group on this, and possibly other products is expected," stated Ralph Manore, Vice-President of Operations for Sciax. (Partial news clip only.  Go to yahoo and read the entire release)

      Back to back News was released,  Here it is....
      Sciax Reports Negotiations With Nuresco Polymers Continue
        Sciax Corp. SCXC.pk reported today that negotiations to acquire Nuresco Polymers continue, with both sides optimistic and eager to begin working together. The agreement, announced previously in a press release on October 6th, 2004, has now been extended to May 15th, 2005. Both Nuresco Polymers and Sciax Corp. confirm their intention to complete the transaction and indicate that discussions are progressing satisfactorily.
      Nuresco Polymers  has developed an advanced polymer system possessing strength, high service temperature, chemical resistance and other properties that allow the company to effectively compete for contracts in the defense and aeronautics industries.
      (Partial clip.  Go to yahoo or any financial news site to read this news now.)

      Remember this?

      Major Breaking News was released
      Sciax Update: Canadian Border Services Agency's New Order Exceeds
      One Half Million U.S. Dollars
      BAY CITY, Mich. and TORONTO, Dec. 13, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Sciax Corp. announced today that it has begun production of the Wolf Pack(tm) remote viewing systems for the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).
      "The value of this order including the option for additional units exceeds one half million U.S. dollars because of additional components that CBSA has included with each system,'' stated Ralph Manore, Vice President of Operations for Sciax. ``The successful and timely completion of this order will have a positive effect on the company,'' he added.
      (Partial clip only, make sure to read the entire news by going to yahoo or any financial site)
      All About Timing:

      Well Positioned at the right time: Sciax has a unique, market leading, niche product. Fallout from massive terrorist action against the United States in September 2001 has resulted in a significant reassessment of security requirements and needs. Massive changes to the availability of technology funding are occurring. Wolf Pack and its multi-operational design positions Sciax to fulfill critical needs in many security environments. The company is well positioned to target markets and grow in this environment.


      About the Wolf Pack(tm)

      The Sciax Wolf Pack(tm) is a highly modularized opto-electronic remote viewing system used by law enforcement and military personnel. The reconfigurable, multi-operational design of Wolf Pack makes the system ideal for many applications in physical security, drug and contraband interdiction, tactical response and protective security. Wolf Pack electronics and optical components are built to high standards of durability, allowing successful deployment in harsh conditions that would prohibit the use of many conventional imaging systems.

      Sciax Wolf Pack Remote Viewing System allows us to, 
      See the Bad guys, First!
      Important information about this company keeps flowing!
      You must take the time to read all the current News!
      This is a company to watch.

      This company is not in the dream stage! 

      Companies are scurrying to create better security devices and it looks as Sciax has the edge as it already has these products, being used. As mentioned earlier the Company's long list of impressive clients includes the US Military, the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a number of large metropolitan police departments across the US and Canada, among many others. Our opinion is, this is a company you will want to keep a close eye on.  Nothing is more important than national security and the, Sciax Wolf Pack Remote Viewing System allows us to, See the Bad guys, First! 

      A strong watch for this week is being issued right now. Don't miss this watch!

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