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    Much in him remains obscure, but there is enough which is sufficiently clear to give a direction to thought and to modify action.To the professional
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      Much in him remains obscure, but there is enough which is sufficiently clear to give a direction to thought and to modify action.To the professional metaphysician Spinozas work is already surpassed, and is absorbed in subsequent systems. We are told to read him once because he is historically interesting, and then we are supposed to have done with him. But if Spinozism, as it is called, is but a stage of development there is something in Spinoza which can be superseded as little as the Imitation of Christ or the Pilgrims Progress, and it is this which continues to draw men to him. Goethe never cared for set philosophical systems. Very early in life he thought he had found out that they were useless pieces of construction, but to the end of his days he clung to Spinoza, and Philina, of all persons in the world, repeats one of the finest sayings in the Ethic.

      Enfin, elle allait donc savoir, elle se poserait sur les d�mes et sur les fl�ches, elle verrait, en sept ou huit coups daile, les choses d�fendues que lon cache aux enfants.Mais une inqui�tude nouvelle lagita, ses mains cherchaient encore; et elle ne se calma que lorsquelle tint sa grande poup�e dans ses petits bras, contre sa poitrine. Elle voulait lemporter avec elle. Ses regards se perdaient au loin, parmi les chemin�es toutes roses de soleil. Quatre heures venaient de sonner, le soir laissait d�j� tomber ses ombres bleues. C�tait la fin, un �touffement, une agonie lente et sans secousse. Le cher ange navait plus la force de se d�fendre. M. Rambaud, vaincu, sabattit sur les genoux, secou� de sanglots silencieux, se tra�nant derri�re un rideau pour cacher sa douleur. Labb� s�tait agenouill� au chevet, les mains jointes, balbutiant les pri�res des agonisants. Elle avait repouss� le docteur, elle se jeta par terre, sappuya contre le lit pour voir sa fille de tout pr�s.

      12 But as concerning the present time, he saith, their leaves shall not fall: meaning thereby, that every word that shall go out of your mouth, shall through faith and charity be to the conversion and hope of many. 13 In like manner doth another prophet speak. And the land of Jacob was the praise of all the earth; magnifying thereby the vessel of his spirit. 14 And what follows? --And there was a river running on the right hand, and beautiful trees grew up by it; and he that shall eat of them shall live for ever. The signification of which is this that we go down into the water full of sins and pollutions, but come up again, bringing forth fruit; having in our hearts the fear and hope which is in Jesus, by the spirit. And whosoever shall eat of them shall live for ever. IN like manner he determines concerning the cross in another prophet, saying: And when shall these things be fulfilled? 2 The Lord answers: When the tree that is fallen sh! all rise, and when blood shall drop down from the tree.

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