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    Pour les femmes, cest à peu de chose près le même habillement, moins la ceinture, plus un bonnet, doù sortent des tresses de cheveux agrémentées de
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2012

      Pour les femmes, cest � peu de chose pr�s le m�me habillement, moins la ceinture, plus un bonnet, do� sortent des tresses de cheveux agr�ment�es de rubans de couleur.Quant aux enfants, ils vont presque nus, et, lhiver, pour se r�chauffer, ils se blottissent dans l�tre de la kibitka et dorment sous la cendre chaude. Petits de taille, mais robustes, excellents cavaliers, vifs, adroits, alertes, vivant dun peu de bouillie de farine cuite � leau avec des morceaux de viande de cheval, mais ivrognes endurcis, voleurs �m�rites, ignorants au point de ne savoir lire, superstitieux a lexc�s, joueurs incorrigibles, tels sont ces nomades qui courent incessamment les steppes du Caucase. La chaise de poste traversa un de leurs khotonnes, sans presque attirer leur attention. A peine se d�rang�rent-ils pour regarder ces voyageurs, dont lun, tout au moins, les observait avec int�r�t. Peut-�tre jet�rent-ils des regards denvie � ce rapide attelage qui galopait sur la! route.

      The flattering prospects of abundance from the labors of the people by land and by sea; the prosperity of our extended commerce, notwithstanding interruptions occasioned by the belligerent state of a great part of the world; the return of health, industry, and trade to those cities which have lately been afflicted with disease, and the various and inestimable advantages, civil and religious, which, secured under our happy frame of government, are continued to us unimpaired, demand of the whole American people sincere thanks to a benevolent Deity for the merciful dispensations of His providence.But while these numerous blessings are recollected, it is a painful duty to advert to the ungrateful return which has been made for them by some of the people in certain counties of Pennsylvania, where, seduced by the arts and misrepresentations of designing men, they have openly resisted the law directing the valuation of houses and lands.

      He would have met with a rough dismissal if he had begun by praising Dada and expressing his wish to see her married to Marcus; he had gained his point inch by inch, very quietly; but when he had explained to her that it was in his hands to secure the martyrs crown for her husband she had turned suspicious and ironical, had made him swear that it was true, threatening him with punishments in this world and in the next; but he had let it all pass over his head, had solemnly sworn as she desired him, pledging not merely the salvation of his soul but his possessions in this world; till, at length, convinced that it really was in his power to gratify the dearest wish of her heart, she had yielded somewhat and altered her demeanor.Still, he had not spoken a word to help her through her deliberations and bewilderment, but had left her to fight out the hard struggle with her own soul; not without some malicious enjoyment but also not without anxiety! , till the first decisive question was put to him by his stepmother.

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