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Re: [TdC] email address of Edinburg settlement

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  • francesco fantozzi
    the email address is : hmg@cunha.demon.co.uk regards hbenoitfr wrote: Hello ! I m looking for the email address of Edimburg settlement to
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2002

      the email address is : hmg@...


        hbenoitfr <hbenoitfr@...> wrote:

      Hello !

      I'm looking for the email address of Edimburg settlement to reach
      urgently my Tristan pen-friend Lillie SWAIN, because I haven't got
      news from her for a long time and I worry about her.
      My letters often do not reach Tristan da Cunha.

      Please help me in my search.

      Many thanks in advance.


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