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Today's Tristan news and speculative rumours

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  • Bob Conrich
    Again, these news items are all from the official website. More photos, Warren Glass Isle of Man training:
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      Again, these news items are all from the official website.

      More photos, Warren Glass' Isle of Man training:

      Servicing the Burntwood Repeater via the Agulhas helicopter:

      More photos, Agulhas passenger departure:

      Visit of S/V Zuli, en route from Brazil to South Africa:

      Vessel was in Tristan waters illegally for four days, for reasons not
      revealed. I can understand that a singlehanded sailor might welcome
      a rest stop of several days, but to not check in, at least by radio,
      seems suspicious or incompetent. Here, we would assume he was engaged
      in the movement of illegal goods, but Tristan isn't on anybody's drug

      I can find no reference to this "Zuli" on the internet. This, too, is
      unusual, for a blue water cruiser. Here, we would assume the boat had
      been stolen and re-named. But what do I know, a simple islander?

      The "Agulhas arrived at Inaccessible to do some flying." Translation:
      the Agulhas is very nice, but cannot yet fly. I think this may be a
      reference to its helicopter.

      That's not the Agulhas in the photo. It's the Edinburgh.

      These dispatches continue to be a source of education and inspiration
      for me. :)


      Robert S. Conrich, ACIArb
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