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Sean Burns to be transferred to St. Helena

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  • bobconrich
    The following news and opinions are from the official Tristan website. My own comments are in [brackets]. Bob Sean Burns to become Head of the Governor s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2013
      The following news and opinions are from the official Tristan website. My own comments are in [brackets].


      Sean Burns to become Head of the Governor's Office on St Helena

      Tristan's Administrator Sean Burns, who will leave Tristan in October 2013 when Alex Mitham takes over, has been appointed as Head of the Governors' Office on St Helena from January 2014. The appointment is very significant for Tristan as Sean will bring a full knowledge of the island to within St Helena's Government during one of the most exciting periods of the island's history as the new airport is being constructed and future shipping links reviewed. For the first time the post will include being Deputy Governor in the Governor's absence.

      [It was previously announced that the Mithams would arrive in September. Since there are no scheduled ship arrivals in October, this change promises to be interesting.]

      [I am not aware of any official review of future shipping links to St. Helena. The present plan is that when the airport is operational, DFID will discontinue the subsidy for the RMS St. Helena. When questioned about how container freight will then be brought to the island, DFID says this is a matter for local government. Local government can hardly maintain the cost of other vital services such as health and education. Picking up the subsidy for the RMS is simply impossible. Lots of large container ships pass by St. Helena en route between the UK and South Africa. None of them seem interested in wasting valuable time delivering a few containers to St. Helena, especially having to deal with the primitive cargo handling practices found there. Unless these realities are dealt with, both Saints and their imagined hoards of wealthy tourists will face starvation.]

      Sean Burns to become Head of the Governor's Office on St Helena

      The following Press Release was issued by the St Helena Governor on 28th June 2013

      Mr Sean Burns, presently serving as the Administrator on Tristan da Cunha, has been appointed as the next Head of the Governor's Office and will take up the position in January 2014. The role has been upgraded and will carry additional responsibilities, including that of acting as Acting Governor in the Governor's absence, a change that follows the model used in the Falklands.

      [I think that should read "Acting Deputy Governor".]

      Governor Capes said:
      'I have worked with Sean in his current role over the past 18 months and have been impressed by his excellent work on Tristan da Cunha. He will bring to the Governor's Office valuable skills and experience to help manage an increasing workload at this exciting period in St Helena's history. He will replace my colleague Clive McGill from whom he will inherit a modernised and well-functioning office with fine support provided by Sandra Sim, Manager of the Governor's Office and from Linda Glanville, PA to the Governor.'

      Sean, who will be accompanied by his wife Marina, has served as the Administrator on Tristan for the last three years. Commenting on his new posting, Sean said:
      'I am delighted to have been appointed Head of the Governor's Office from January 2014. Marina and I are both really looking forward to working and living on St Helena and getting to know the islanders and the Island. Although we have never visited, I have learned something about St Helena from my time as the Administrator on Tristan since 2010, and the exciting changes that are taking place. I have also yet to visit Ascension Island but I hope to make an early visit to meet with the Administrator and Councillors there.'

      `I joined the FCO in 1978 and have done a range of jobs, including corporate services, management, consular, immigration, project management and HR. My my other postings have included Tanzania, Antigua, Bangladesh, Senegal, Kenya and South Korea as well as stints back in London. My wife Marina is a qualified TEFL teacher and has spent the last 17 years teaching English and other subjects, mainly for the British Council. We have two children, Damian (21) and Kelly (23) who both hope to visit us at some point in the posting.'
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