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  • bobconrich
    The Tristan da Cunha Association working to support the Tristan community for 25 years ~ 1987 - 2012 The Tristan da Cunha Education Trust Fund registered in
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 2012
      The Tristan da Cunha Association
      working to support the Tristan community for 25 years ~ 1987 - 2012

      The Tristan da Cunha Education Trust Fund registered in the UK as Charity No. 1118779 was established by the Tristan da Cunha Association in the Quincentenary Year of 2006 which celebrated the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of the island to raise funds to support the education and training of Tristan da Cunha islanders

      Half Way Target Achieved!!!

      Latest Trust Fund Total in November 2012 = £50,545.30
      so we are now over half way towards our target of £100,000

      Trust Fund tops £50,000

      A most positive November 2012 Tristan Association Committee Meeting was notable for the announcement of several sums for the Tristan Education Trust Fund.

      Robin Taylor reported that the 2012 Postal Auction had raised £1463.20 for the Fund and a separate Volcano Cover Post Card Project organised by Robin had raised £520 so he was presenting cheques totaling £1983.20

      Michael Swales presented a cheque for £13,148 from the Denstone College Expedition Trust which had been dissolved and the decision made to transfer its funds to the Tristan da Cunha Education Trust. The Trust previously funded expeditions from the College including the 1982/3 Expedition to Inaccessible Island, organised by Michael Swales. Denstone College also funded nine scholarships for young Tristan islanders in the 1980-90s so through this donation will perpetuate help towards educating Tristan young people.

      There have also been two large private donations recently of £535.20 and £2000.

      Donations from UK taxpayers allow the Education Trust Fund Administrator Brian Frederick to claim Gift Aid Tax from Inland Revenue and £2812.69 has been received from IR in 2012.

      The first Tristan students start studies in Cape Town in January 2013 and it is heartening that the Trust will now be able to commit annual sums from interest received from investments.

      First Grant Made

      A first grant of £1000 has been sent to Tristan to support Janine and Rachel in buying uniform, books and helping with incidental expenses during their first year at the Silvermine Academy - see the main Tristan Education Trust Fund Page for more details.


      Photos of various social events
    • bobconrich
      Dispatches from Tristan: Steve Cole s month-long visit. In-depth report with countless great photos:
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 28, 2013
        Dispatches from Tristan: Steve Cole's month-long visit. In-depth report with countless great photos:

        All items below are from the official Tristan website:

        Martin involved in sheep rescue mission on Isle of Man
        Edited report from Chris Bates

        Martin is very much in the "front line" helping beleaguered farmers to try to save their livestock buried under feet of snow in conditions which show little sign of easing. The main BBC TV News has featured events on the Isle of Man as attempts were made to rescue sheep buried in snow. Say the situation is "catastrophic" and the snow the worst since 1963.

        Martin is working with the farmers on this rescue mission facing conditions unknown on Tristan da Cunha's Settlement Plain where frost and snow is unknown. Whilst higher mountain slopes get regular winter snow, sheep are always able to access sheltered gulleys and gulches with ample grass grazing on the mountain base.


        2013 Annual Gathering
        will be held in the Holiday Inn, Herbert Walker Avenue, Southampton, SO15 1HJ on Saturday 6th April 2013 and is fully booked

        Featuring an all-day gathering from 10.30 am with coffee, buffet lunch in the restaurant and afternoon tea as part of a day ticket package @ £29 per adult

        Bookstall, Souvenirs and Association Products for sale

        Philatelic Display featuring the 1961-1963 period

        Tristan films shown informally 10.30 am - 12.30pm

        and an afternoon talk after the short AGM by Jim Kerr who has recently returned from Tristan where he worked as Education Adviser from 2009. Jim formerly worked as Education Officer 1985-1991 and so becomes the longest-serving expatriate to work on the island.

        An evening Dinner Dance 7.00 for 7.30pm. 2 course buffet - style dinner followed by dancing until midnight @ £25 per adult


        Updated shipping schedule

        18 metre yacht "Mojo" calls at Tristan

        Tristan authors presented with their own books

        Amanda Swain's 40th Birthday Party
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