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    Tristan s Shipping News (04/29/12) Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 29.04.2012 The MV Edinburgh departed Cape Town on the 20th April and arrived at Tristan on the
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      Tristan's Shipping News (04/29/12)
      Tristan Times (Sarah Glass)

      The MV Edinburgh departed Cape Town on the 20th April and arrived at
      Tristan on the evening of Thursday 26th. She made a good crossing,
      given that winter is approaching.

      The two Rib's the Atlantic Dawn, and Conservation Rib went to the lee
      of the island, as the Edinburgh only manage to get in on the SE of the
      island at 5:30, and there would not have been enough time to get the
      passengers off, if she had to come to the settlement.

      The RIB's collected the passengers and a small amount of luggage and
      got back to the harbour just after dark about 7pm. The following day
      the weather had deteriorated, although the raft did manage to do one
      trip to take the Sea fishery Observers, bait, collect the passenger's
      luggage, and make enough space for the vessel to fish.

      The island is now awaiting favourable weather to discharge the vessel,
      and pump fuel.

      She had a full complement of passengers including Aiden Repetto born
      in Cape Town, who is only 13 days old to date. Forty six bags of GPO
      mail (most of which turned out to be foreign mail) and approximately
      95mt of cargo.

      The Edinburgh will catch the balance of 10.4mt of quota left at
      Tristan before collecting passengers and departing again for Cape

      James Glass
      Director of Fisheries
      Fisheries Department
      Tristan da Cunha Government TDCU 1ZZ
      South Atlantic
      Via Cape Town


      Tristan Reports on Annual Ratting Day 2012
      Tristan Times (Sarah Glass)

      Ratting Day this year was planned for Friday 20th April, so that
      everyone could enjoy a long weekend. Unfortunately, it rained during
      the weekend and the weather was not good enough for Ratting Day to be
      held until Monday 23rd.

      Monday morning started early with the dong ringing to announce the day
      at 5:30, from then onwards ten separate groups (gangs) headed for the
      patches area to hunt rats and mice. Two hard showers of rain fell
      before eight o'clock, but that wasn't enough to dampen the spirit of
      the hunters. As the day went on the weather improved and the sun
      shone through the clouds for a while throughout the day.

      Many of the children joined the men, whilst the ladies headed out
      later in the morning to prepare lunch for all, at the various camping
      huts. The day ended at 6pm when all rat tails had to be in for
      counting by the Head of Agriculture, Doctor and Acting Administrator,
      the results were;

      Most Rats - Bills Hill – First Prize, Old Pieces -Second Prize, Below
      -the – Hill -Third Prize.

      Longest Tail - 277mm - Johnny Patch, Second longest Tail 272mm - Bills Hill.

      A total of 1009 rats were caught for the day, but whether they were
      all caught on the actual day is another matter, as some averages per
      head seem rather farfetched.
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