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Minister Bellingham on the UK Lottery Fund

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  • bobconrich
    He is wrong; there s no actual law that prohibits these funds to be used in the OTs. He s sounds so optimistic that I suspect he knows something he s not
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2011
      He is wrong; there's no actual law that prohibits these funds to be used
      in the OTs. He's sounds so optimistic that I suspect he knows something
      he's not saying. Some of us have been working on this for years; perhaps
      it's finally bearing fruit.

      He's correct, this is very important, and this could prove to be a meaningful
      source of income for Tristan heritage matters -- the museum, restoration of
      old buildings, maybe historic shipwrecks.

      DCMS is resistant to such a change but Bellingham has the influence to
      force through a legislative mandate in favour of the OTs.


      Bermuda Sun
      9/27/2011 5:04:00 PM
      Bellingham: Bermuda should benefit from Lottery Fund
      Raymond Hainey, Senior Reporter

      TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27: Bermuda could be in line for a massive cash windfall from the UK National Lottery, the Minister for Overseas Territories Henry Bellingham said today.

      Mr Bellingham said the Lottery Good Causes Fund — which raises out a staggering $44 million a week — should be extended to cover Overseas Territories like Bermuda.

      At present, strict laws governing the Lottery forbid donations outside the UK.

      But Mr Bellingham said he had been in talks with the UK's Department of Culture, Media and Sport, which oversees charity donations from the Lottery.

      He said: "I've made it clear to my fellow Ministers that this is something we need to sort out. It's completely illogical that money is not available to the people of the Overseas Territories.

      "It seems wrong and anomalous they don't enjoy the benefits of the Lottery Fund."

      He added that he hoped to have the law changed to allow charities and community groups in the Overseas Territories to submit bids for Lottery funding.

      Mr Bellingham said: "I can't tell you when, but for me this is a priority."

      The UK lottery helps fund organizations all over the country, from sports groups to community-based and green initiatives.

      Mr Bellingham was speaking as he announced a new UK White Paper on relations between the Overseas Territories and the UK.
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