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New Administrator Arrives

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  • Paul B. Walker, Jr.
    Bob, Maybe I am missing something, but why is Me. Glass name appearing immediately above an issue? It s early in the morning here in the USA so I may not be
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2010

      Maybe I am missing something, but why is Me. Glass' name appearing immediately above an issue? It's early in the morning here in the USA so I may not be fully understanding, lol.

      I'm curious, I've noted your email address as eastcaribbean.com.. what is your connection to Tristan?

      I just wanted to say I enjoy this list, I enjoy reading news about/from Tristan. I've had contact with 1 person on Tristan and enjoy learning all I can from other folks. Reading about other countries is fascinating.

      Thank you!
      Paul Walker

      On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 2:49 AM, <tristan-da-cunha@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      New Administrator Arrives

      Posted by: "bobconrich" bob@...   bobconrich

      Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:34 am (PDT)

      New Administrator for Tristan arrives
      Tristan Times (Sarah Glass)

      To many islanders the arrival of the SA Agulhas at the beginning of
      September is an indication that spring and good weather is on its way,
      it is also the wish of many family and friends visiting the island for
      the three weeks of the Agulhas stay. Within that time three babies
      have been baptise, there is to be a wedding, and many birthday parties
      and receptions. The new Administrator for the next three years Sean
      and his wife Marinda has arrived and was sworn in on September the
      15th as we say goodbye to the previous Administrator David Morley and
      his wife Jackie.

      In the Chief Islanders speech at his reception on Sunday the 19th Sep
      Ian spoke of the difficulties when David first arrived on the island,
      he and the island council, had to make a number of difficult
      decisions, to prevent the island from going bankrupt, the introduction
      of Taxes, increase in medical and community charges etc., and that
      David could be proud that during his three years he did the best he
      could, for the island, and for that, the community and himself, wish
      David and Jackie all the very best for the future.

      He welcomed the new Administrator Sean and his wife Miranda, stating
      that Sean had arrived at a very crucial time, given the financial
      situation we now find ourselves in. As we had over time shifted from
      a subsistence â€"based economy to one that was cash based. Have enjoyed
      full employment and stability, and proud of it. At the same time
      knowing that all this was about to change, as Tristan’s reserves were
      lower than they have ever been.

      But on a positive Ian noted that the Tristanians were resourceful, and
      had overcome many difficulties in the past, and by working together,
      were confident that a solution could be found that was fair to
      everyone, and one that will continue to help Tristanians retain their
      independent life style.

      Sarah Glass

      James Glass
      Director of Fisheries
      Fisheries Department
      Tristan da Cunha Government TDCU 1ZZ
      South Atlantic
      Via Cape Town

      ..... ends .....

      Why Mr. Glass's name appears immediately above is not explained, nor are we told whether the new Administrator has a last name.


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