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Re: [TdC] If God gives you lemons make lemonade. [aka Stop work here is the answer]

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  • A.H.Schulenburg
    This list provides an opportunity to learn about Tristan and, where appropriate, to discuss issues affecting the island and even to make relevant suggestions.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2009
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      This list provides an opportunity to learn about Tristan and, where appropriate, to discuss issues affecting the island and even to make relevant suggestions.  However, could all list members please ensure that their comments are well grounded in knowledge of the issues and the place (ie. Tristan) that they deal with.  Could everyone also please choose their words carefully and avoid choosing potentially inflammatory language.
      I have done my best to keep this list spam free, which is why I vet requests to choice the list.  In addition, to avoid future problems of any sort, all messages will now require moderator approval, which will unfortunately delay postings a little.
      Best regards,
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      Sent: Saturday, November 07, 2009 2:54 PM
      Subject: RE: [TdC] Stop work here is the answer

      Could I just say, as a Tristanian myself I resent your discussion!!!! We ARE NOT A WELFARE STATE (We are NOT good for nothing NOR are we non productive, we look after ourselves very well and I think we are very productive, more than some I can mention!) we receive NO HANDOUTS from UK, not the kind that you are implying and if we do it is such a small amount it is not even noticeable, it would be funds/equipment to help erect a building etc. At the moment we could probably do with UK help but they don’t offer and we certainly will not ask!!

      I like how you Jacques suggest we should harvest volcanic heat from earth TO make it a nice place the people want to come to. IT SHOULD BE TO MAKE IT A NICE PLACE FOR THE TRISTANIANS TO LIVE!!!! We are Independent, maybe not as profitable as we would like to be, but that’s another mater that has no concern of yours.


      I suggest if you have a proposition for the Island you email the Administrator otherwise MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS, the last thing that we Islanders need is malicious rumours from people like you!!



      Melanie Young (Ne Glass)


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      Subject: RE: [TdC] Stop work here is the answer


      Dear Bob (and all concerned):


      Whoa, boy.  That is not what was said or suggested.  We do not want Icelandic energy.  What we want is Icelandic Technology.  They’ve been doing this for years and have lots of experience in drilling and harvesting volcanic heat from the earth.  What we want is to learn how to do it and what we need to bring it home to Tristan, etc. 


      The game plan here is to make Tristan, etc. independent and profitable.  Make it a nice place the people want to come to. 




      Jacques Goyet

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      Subject: [TdC] Stop work here is the answer



      --- In tristan-da-cunha@ yahoogroups. com, "Jacques" <jacques.goyet@ ...> wrote:
      > Dear Sirs and Madams:
      > Please excuse me for my impertinence and feel free to delete this message if I am out of line but there seems to me a solution is hitting me between the eyes. You see for the past months there seems to be a trend to think of the South Atlantic Alliance as a group of "good for nothing", non-productive, welfare states and I believe that I have an start of an idea to reverse that thought.
      > The first step in this idea is to take advantage to the materials available. Let us use Tristan da Cunha and its archipelago as our case in point. It wasn't that many years ago the volcano in Tristan was active. Add to this the planet has been going through some unbelievable economic problems and one the worst hit is the island of Iceland . NowIceland has one advantage over others it that it has spent a lot of time and money on developing Geothermal Energy and to give it a customer would be heavenly. Self-sustaining energy would be just a first step in the process and could be used elsewhere through-out the alliance. It could lead to an all-electric Tristan with no need of foreign energy sources.

      That's quite enough, thank you.

      Um... Iceland is...um...some distance from Tristan. How do you plan to transmit this free energy to the "good for nothing, non-productive, welfare state" people of Tristan? How, exactly, to you plan to get this "free energy to them fromIceland ?

      Are you related to the woman who suggested that all the Islanders are descendants of prostitutes, or did you think this up all by yourself?

      Listen, Jacques, we, here at the asylum, think that help is available. Madness exacts its toll. Please have exact change ready.

      Yours faithfully, etc.


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