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AW: [TdC] Forces' TV and radio set to cut 30 jobs

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    Nice, the word redundant in this context. It means superfluous. Wolfgang Note: Cultures are on the down when they have learned to misuse their language to
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      Nice, the word "redundant" in this context. It means superfluous.
      Note: Cultures are on the down when they have learned to misuse  their language to disguise the truth.
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      Betreff: [TdC] Forces' TV and radio set to cut 30 jobs

      Wherein we learn that reducing service is called "increasing
      efficiencies" .

      There are no British Forces on Tristan, but BFBS kindly provides the
      Islanders with free radio and TV broadcasts.


      The Guardian
      Forces' TV and radio set to cut 30 jobs

      * Ben Dowell
      * guardian.co. uk,
      * Wednesday December 3 2008 07.18 GMT

      British Forces Broadcasting Service, the television and radio service
      for UK servicemen and women, is in consultation with staff over
      redundancies with up to 30 jobs likely to go.

      A spokesman for Services Sound and Vision Corporation, the charity
      that runs BFBS, confirmed that it was consulting staff about a
      proposed restructure. A decision on the job losses is scheduled for
      December 15.

      "These proposals reflect the way our forces now deploy," the SSVC
      spokesman said in a statement.

      It is also not yet known if the cuts will affect BFBS television.
      However, radio forms the bulk of the output overseen by the BFBS's 168
      broadcasting staff.

      The SSVC spokesman declined to comment on speculation that one of the
      service's three radio stations, BFBS Radio 2, will be closed down
      under the restructure.

      "SSVC, the organisation which manages BFBS radio and TV and Combined
      Services Entertainment, is in consultation with staff.

      "If the proposals go through, up to 30 broadcasting staff are likely
      to be made redundant. The consultation period ends on December 15th,"
      the charity said in a statement.

      "BFBS has proposed restructuring to focus on connectivity between the
      UK and Operations (Iraq & Afghanistan) , while increasing efficiencies
      in its traditional overseas areas (Germany, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Canada,
      the Falklands and Belize). These proposals reflect the way our forces
      now deploy.

      "At present SSVC's priorities are working through the details of the
      reorganisation plan with its staff and with its client, the Ministry
      of Defence, in order to provide a forces broadcasting service that
      meets the needs of its audience today and in the future."

      BFBS underwent a trial on digital audio broadcasting - DAB - radio
      between January and March this year. SSVC is understood to be
      considering a permanent digital radio offering via DAB.

      Established by the British War Office in 1943, BFBS provides radio and
      television programmes for military personnel and their families in
      Afghanistan, Belize, Bosnia, Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, the Falkland
      Islands, Germany, Gibraltar, Kosovo, the Middle East, Northern Ireland
      and Tristan da Cunha, as well as a live satellite service to Royal
      Navy ships at sea.

      The outfit broadcasts the BFBS TV channel and three radio stations:
      BFBS, which provides popular music, news, current affairs and sport;
      BFBS 2, which offers contemporary music and local community radio; and
      BFBS Radio Gurkha.

      SSVC also runs a television service that broadcasts English Premier
      League football for free to the UK armed forces, following the English
      Premier League's decision in 2007 to waive the £250,000 rights fee for
      land rights for the competition for three years.

      * guardian.co. uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2008

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