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AW: [TdC] Re: Worst Tristan Travel Article of the Year

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  • Schaub
    Bob, the article may well be the worst ever; the average tourists, however, are by-and-large stupid enough to swallow that sort of information happily.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 28, 2008
      Bob, the article may well be the worst ever; the average tourists, however, are by-and-large stupid enough to swallow that sort of "information" happily. Hence, in order to create a business, the guy did the most approriate thing he possibly could do. 
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      Betreff: [TdC] Re: Worst Tristan Travel Article of the Year

      Bob, How about worst travel article about Tristan of the Decade!
      But Certainly the most misinformed article of the year. I wonder what
      kind of special drinks the Albatross Bars serve??
      Dave Flaat

      --- In tristan-da-cunha@ yahoogroups. com, "Bob Conrich" <bob@...>
      > http://tinyurl. com/4letcx
      > Tristan da Cunha symbolizes a group of volcanic islands which is
      > located in the South Atlantic ocean. The four main islands of the
      > Tristan da Cunha are Gough, Inaccessible, Nightingale and Tristan.
      > This place is a good for tourists. If you are fond of mountains,
      > this is a good place for you to visit as there are mountainous hills
      > with volcanic areas.
      > Queen Mary's peak is the highest peak .The volcanoes are covered
      > snow during the winter. Edinburgh is the capital city of Tristan da
      > Cunha.It is no doubt a tourist visiting place. There is a small
      > post office and an administrative office over here. There are also
      > some local crafts shops, a museum and a large super market where all
      > kinds of local brands are available and hence customers are found
      > rushing here.
      > If you want to go to a wild life reserve then Gough Island would be
      > fun for you to visit. It is considered as the UNESCO's world
      > sight. Lovers of wild life will like this island as all kinds of sea
      > birds migrate here. Mount Argus, Mount Rowett, Sea Hawkins Bay and
      > Elephant Bay are the places where tourists can visit. Here you will
      > able to see the natural sights and sceneries.
      > There is a tendency for people to visit only those places which have
      > got a well recognised name and fame and other remote places tend to
      > get neglected. But these places are full of natural surroundings and
      > have got beautiful locations which might not be viewed by many
      > tourists as the areas aren't very popular. The island is circular in
      > shape and arises out of the ocean. Its diameter is 10 kilometres.
      > valleys appear as though they run out of the central peak. There are
      > some green fields where the locals of this area grow potatoes.
      > Fishing, especially crayfish is the islander's main source of
      > The people are very welcoming and friendly by nature. They give a
      > welcome to the visitors. The clear blue seas contain fresh water and
      > the tourists like nothing more than to swim in the sea during the
      > summer months and then lie soaking up the sun on the pristine white
      > sands. There are some cafes and albatross bars which have all kinds
      > alcoholic drinks. The island store has plenty of food and drinks
      > is a good pastime for the visitors. The island has temperate and
      > oceanic weather conditions.
      > The island is becoming more popular with families looking to stay in
      > holiday home rentals. Many now stay in a holiday villa that they
      > during their family holiday.
      > Author Resource:- Andrew Gibson is MD of Direct Holiday Bookings. It
      > is one of the fastest growing on line holiday home rental
      > see an example of why Direct Holiday Bookings is growing so rapidly
      > have a look at Villas for holidays in Tristan Da Cunha.
      > http://www.directho lidaybookings. co.uk/
      > [Not recommended. Bob]

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