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SV: [TdC] Recent News from Tristan

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  • Morten Jespersen
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      Fra: tristan-da-cunha@yahoogroups.com på vegne af Bob Conrich
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      Emne: [TdC] Recent News from Tristan

      Recent News from Tristan da Cunha
      Submitted by Tristan Times (Sarah Glass) 11.12.2006
      A new Islander has made an appearance and much more is happening as well!


      The HMS Edinburgh arrived at Tristan with an overcast sky, although it did not rain until later in the day, it did not
      stop the crew from having a quick walk around. The sea conditions remain workable throughout the day and the barge
      'Sandy point Express" was used to ferry the crew ashore. The Navy Helicopter was used in the morning to help transport
      12 islanders to the oil Rig to collect radio and firefighting equipment and other essential items, before the salvage
      team comes in to scuttle the rig. Many of the crew also had the opportunity to attended a reception held by the
      Administrator in the Prince Philip Hall at 5pm yesterday evening.


      Tracy Swain was taken in hospital on Friday 8th December and gave birth to Shannon Kelly Swain at 710 that evening, she
      weigh 6.8lbs. At the time she was born their other daughter Kelly was acting in the school Christmas concert, and
      father Larry and the Doctor had to be called away. Tracy's sister Alison birthday was also on Friday. Tracy returned
      home the following day and Mother and baby are doing fine.

      Birthday Celebration

      Barry Swain held his 21st Birthday party in the Prince Philip Hall on 9th December at 7:30. It was celebrated by the
      whole community despite the pouring rain.

      On Sunday the 10th December, Simon and Natasha Glass Christen their son Jamie Lewis Kenneth at 8:00am in St Mary's
      Church and had a reception at the Prince Philip Hall afterwards.

      Fishing news

      Fishing continues to be excellent for this year with 6.1mt left to complete the Tristan quota of 180mt. The Fishermen
      are hoping that the weather will be kind to them and give them that one day next week. This will be the earliest year
      that all quotas have been completed at the Tristan group, putting 400mt of Tristan lobster on the market. The MV
      Edinburgh is also hoping to complete the quotas at the outer islands and the last mail departing Tristan this year
      should be around the 18th December.

      Visiting Yacht

      The Yacht Nine of Cups called in at Tristan on 6th Dec and stayed two days, she was crewed by David and Marrie Lynn of
      Denver Colorado USA. Their last port of call was Uruguay, South America and is on their way to Cape Town South Africa.
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