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Environmental Projects

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  • Bob Conrich
    Subject: OVERSEAS TERRITORIES ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME (OTEP): OUTCOME OF SECOND BIDDING ROUND 18 February 2005 Please see below the text of a telegram
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      18 February 2005

      Please see below the text of a telegram that has issued today to all Overseas Territories, announcing the results of the
      second Overseas Territories Environment Programme bidding round. Individual emails will issue to each applicant shortly
      confirming these results and providing feedback on each application.

      1. 20 projects approved in the second bidding round of the joint FCO/DFID Overseas Territories Environment Programme
      (OTEP). Feedback and request for Posts to help promote OTEP-funded Research Studentships. Full list of successful and
      unsuccessful projects in Part 2 to follow.

      2. The second bidding round of OTEP has now concluded. The OTEP secretariat received 30 project proposals, from a wide
      range of project applicants including OT governments, UK and OT-based NGOs, community-based organisations, and UK and OT
      educational institutions. As last year, the overall standard of proposals was high, many seeking to build on previous
      experience and expertise and also demonstrating outreach and local consultation. Most applications clearly met the OTEP
      criteria, namely:

      i. implementing the Environment Charter for the Territory, including the development of strategies and action plans where

      ii. meeting the Territory's obligations under those Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs) extended to it, and preparing
      for possible future extensions;

      iii. building environmental management capacity in the Territory; and

      iv. raising awareness of environmental issues; promoting participation by civil society in decisions affecting the
      environment; and supporting environmental education in the Territory.

      3. All project proposals received by the OTEP secretariat were assessed on 8 February by a seven-person selection panel
      comprising officials from FCO, DFID and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee; specialists from UK academic and scientific
      institutions; the private sector; and representatives of the NGO community (through the UK Overseas Territories Conservation
      Forum (UKOTCF)). A wide range of environmental disciplines was represented on the panel, and all members had specific OT
      expertise and experience. Drawing on the Panel's recommendations the FCO and DFID approved 20 projects (with one still under
      consideration and another subject to discussion with the applicant). Details of successful and unsuccessful projects are in

      4. Within the next few days, we will inform all project applicants (by copy of this telegram) of the results of the
      bidding round. In addition, individual letters will issue to each applicant by email shortly confirming the results and
      providing feedback on each application. Within six weeks of today's date, contract letters will be issued, and the project
      funding process implemented for all successful applicants. Reporting requirements for monitoring and evaluation purposes
      will be set out in the contract letters. Details of successful bids and other useful information on OTEP will be placed on
      an OTEP branded website, accessible via a link on the UKOTCF's website (see www.ukotcf.org).

      5. The cross-territory project XOT 201 offers 3 OTEP Research Studentships to citizens of the UK OTs (ideally individuals
      employed by a relevant government department or NGO) to study for an MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity at the Centre for
      Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter. We would be grateful for assistance from the Governors' offices in
      promoting this excellent opportunity. Likewise, we would welcome any suggestions to help identification of suitable candidates.

      6. We are very grateful to Governors' offices (or equivalents) for the valuable contribution made to the assessment
      process through the submission of many detailed and constructive comments on project applications. This input was very much
      appreciated by all members of the assessment panel.

      PART 2 OF 2

      1. A full list of successful and unsuccessful projects from the second bidding round of the joint FCO/DFID Overseas
      Territories Environment Programme.

      ANG 201 (Anguilla): A bird-watching guide to Anguilla
      ASC 201 (Ascension Island): Ascension Environment Information Operations Utility
      BDA 201 (Bermuda): Somerset Long Bay Nature Reserve
      BDA 202 (Bermuda): Development of species and habitat recovery plans, and capacity building for implementation
      BDA 203 (Bermuda): Saltus Island Project
      BIO 201 (British Indian Ocean Territory): Conducting a census of seabirds on Diego Garcia
      BIO 202 (British Indian Ocean Territory): Ecological restoration through the eradication of introduced black rats (Rattus
      rattus) from Eagle Island, Chagos Archipelago, British Indian Ocean Territory
      BVI 201 (British Virgin Islands): British Virgin Islands Environmental CD atlas and teaching resource
      FAL 201 (Falkland Islands): Completion of New Island South reserve management plan and initiation of implementation
      FAL 202 (Falkland Islands): Falkland Islands key sites
      MNT 201 (Montserrat): Pipers Pond rehabilitation project
      MNT 203 (Montserrat): Establishing a botanical garden for relaxation and education
      SGS 201 (South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands): South Georgia Giant Petrel and White-chinned Petrel conservation programme
      STH 201 (St Helena): Developing and integrating cross sector management of nature trails and tours both terrestrial and marine
      STH 202 (St Helena): Monitoring and raising awareness of grouper at St Helena using Ascension Island as a control
      TDC 201 (Tristan da Cunha): Eradication of the alien plant, Procumbent Pearlwort (Sagina procumbens) at Gough Island
      TDC 202 (Tristan da Cunha): Tristan da Cunha conservation office
      TDC 203 (Tristan da Cunha): An assessment of the potential for rodent eradication in the Tristan da Cunha
      XOT 201 (Cross-Territory): OT Graduate Research Studentships: building capacity for conservation
      XOT 202 (Cross-Territory): Community environmental awareness

      ANG 202 (Anguilla): Anguilla national biodiversity strategy and action plan 2005 and beyond. (NB further discussions will
      be taking place with the applicants to consider an alternative approach to achieving these objectives and how they might be
      linked to those in ANG 203 below. OTEP is prepared to fund a scoping study and workshop to facilitate this.)
      ANG 203 (Anguilla): National herbarium enhancement project
      BDA 204 (Bermuda): Understanding the die-off of seagrass beds in Bermuda: linkages between nutrients and grazers
      BDA 205 (Bermuda): Bio-diesel production from waste vegetable oil - pilot study
      BDA 206 (Bermuda): Bermuda amphibian research project - Bufo marinus deformity project
      BDA 207 (Bermuda): Understanding the potential environmental and human health issues associated with sewage disposal in
      Bermuda (and other UK Overseas Territories), using the sterol 'coprostanol' as a fecal biomarker
      BDA 208 (Bermuda): Rara Avis (Rare Bird)
      BVI 202 (British Virgin Islands): Mangrove wetland conservation project
      MNT 202 (Montserrat): Biodiversity Conservation: trail and resource centre development and awareness raising
      PIT 201 (Pitcairn Islands): Development of a Pitcairn Islands Environmental Management Plan (to be further discussed at
      Pitcairn during visit of DFID official later this month)

      5. Contact for this telegram: Rob Bowman and Rebecca Claxton in SDCG on Firecrest or Dick Beales, DFID (email.
      R-Beales@...; tel. 020 7023 0120).

      Rebecca Claxton
      Overseas Territories Environment Programme (OTEP)
      Natural Resources & Environmental Governance Team E326
      Sustainable Development & Commonwealth Group
      Foreign & Commonwealth Office
      King Charles Street
      SW1 2AH
      ( Telephone: 0044 020 7008 3849
      Facsimile: 0044 020 7008 4076
      * e-mail: rebecca.claxton@...

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