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997Request for information

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  • gattopuddi93
    Oct 31, 2004
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      Hello everybody,

      I just joined to the group of Tristan lovers and briefly, would like
      to introduce myself :
      my name is Mario, I am Italian and reside in Bologna ( centre
      Italy ). I am 50 years old and I am a lawyer.
      I have got the approval, after the Island Council of last June,
      waited since two years, to visit Tristan and I would like to go next
      January. Is there any of you which has had the chance to visit
      Tristan and could be so polite to provide me some informartion about
      the trip and related staying ?
      In addition, I have heard that, in 1994, in the office of the
      Adminitrator has been installaed a Satellite Cellular Phone ,
      together an Internet Line, for immediate communications.
      It is true ? some ine knows such numbers and or address ?

      Thanks for all help.

      Mobile +39 335 7893576
      Private E-mail : uddi@...