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  • Colin Brewer
    Oct 4, 2004
      Hi my name is Colin Brewer, my wife and I run a television
      production company called Sorted Productions LTD.
      I have had a fixation with Tristan Da Cunha since watching a BBC
      documentry on the island some years ago.
      I need to find out if there has ever been any serious un-rest on the
      island, or, if the island has ever been at war.
      My guess and hope to both these questions is: NO.
      But I would love to have the facts.

      I am trying to put musical event together for next year and would
      love to have it on Tristan. I am completly aware of the
      complications a ventue like this would involve, and before I start
      to work on the project, I need to know if the good people of Tristan
      Da Cunha would welcome such an event if possible.

      I'm not 100% sure if this group gets picked up on the island it's
      self, or if this is a group of ex-pats.
      If anyone can help I would very much appriciate it.