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905RE: [TdC] Chatham Islands Airport

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  • Simon Pipe
    Sep 1, 2004
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      My wife and I had to clear the cattle from the landing field at Pitt
      when we were there in 93. Bumpy flight home to Chatham - fun.


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      Subject: [TdC] Chatham Islands Airport

      > Is there an airport on Chatham

      Yes, see http://www.airchathams.com for flight
      details. I also attach two photographs of the airport
      which I took in March of this year. It was a
      privilege to visit Chatham Island.

      In the photo of the people disembarking, you can see
      three people walking left whereas everyone else is
      walking towards the terminal building. As far as I
      could tell, they were walking towards the 4- or
      6-seater plane which would take them to Pitt Island.
      I regret that I was unable to travel to Pitt Island,
      so I do not know what the airport is like.

      I recall that a few weeks ago, a medevac was done from
      Chatham, but nearly failed because the pilots had
      aborted their landing twice due to weather conditions.
      They succeeded the third time. The usual challenges
      of transport links with remote islands.

      Cairy would be able to correct any mistakes which I
      have made in this email and would obviously be able to
      provide much better information than me on this issue,
      as long as this group would not object to the slight
      diversion from Tristan da Cunha.


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