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722RE: [TdC] Re: [carib-territories] Re: UN Cries Freedom to Contented Colonies

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  • MossyTrail@cs.com
    Jun 4, 2004
      Ian Turner <ian.turner@...> wrote:

      >On a separate note, how does the U.N. decide how far away something must be before it counts as a territory? Or is it based on whether they vote in national elections? Cases I am thinking of are why Spain's two North African enclaves do not count. Ditto the Canaries and Madeira, or Hawai'i. Thinking about it, I suppose it is the voting thing. (French Polynesia and French Guiana were also not on the list, were they? They are overseas departments, right?) That seems sensible in a way, but odd in another. What if one of those places did not want to vote in the colonial power's elections, and wanted elections instead?

      Funny you should mention Hawaii. There is in Hawaii a movement for "decolonization" (read: Hawaiian independence), mostly within the Native Hawaiian population. Realistically, it is not going to happen; the Hawaiian islands are too strategically important to the U.S. -- hence the extensive military presence, which is one is the secessionists' main objections in the first place. When Hawaii was an independent kingdom, the strategic value of Pearl Harbor was the reason the U.S. wanted the islands. Now, there are Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines bases on Oahu, as well as military installations of various kinds on Kauai, the Big Island, Midway, and maybe others, plus Kahoolawe's former exclusive use as a bombing range.

      Just how big is the independence movement? That I do not know.

      Jason Hernandez
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