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644Greetings from Finland!

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  • mikarautanen
    Mar 1, 2004
      Hello there,

      It is a cold and snowy morning - a typical day then - in Finland and
      I'm checking my diary and photos from last month. I see happy people
      in sunshine and great landscapes of tristan da Cunha coming up from
      the sea. We had such a good weather which made it possible to land
      there and visit you. Thank you a lot for your hospitability and
      though we had only time to stay overnight we'll still be remembering
      that visit long. And I hope that you'll remember us for we were
      leaving with full sails!

      I had a chat with your doctor there and I promised to take contact
      later when we get back home but now I can't find he's email address
      anywhere. I would be really happy if you could tell me that or
      deliver mine to him (mijura@...).

      I thank you in beforehand and wish you great fishing weather and
      lots of those tasty lobsters of yours,

      Mika Rautanen
      medical officer on S/T Helena from Finland