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474Anyone ??

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  • Rachel Marriott
    Mar 17, 2003
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      To anyone,
      I write to ask if you could possibly help me with tips on how to find
      my brother,how very strange i hear you say, he left our country
      during the summer of last year to go to experience Brazil with the
      intention of returning before christmas.We have had some contact with
      him but not for a while now and this is where you could possibly help
      me.In one of his emails he stated that he was living on an island of
      the coast of Brazil and that he travelled into San Paulo on occasion
      to send emails and shop and this is really the only information i
      have of his whereabouts other than he was working in a bar named
      LARIKA PUB without electricity somehere on an island beach.Would you
      have any idea which island that could be and does it have any form
      of communication to the mainland and also any suggestions you may
      have to help me regarding the issue.
      My brother-in-law, Piero Gammauta is Italian,28 yrs old and his
      partners name is Cataline, she is native to the area to one of the
      islands i think and she is also pregnant.
      I know this is a strange email but i ask of you very kindly if you
      have any thoughts on which island is popular with with young people
      and also if there is anyway to contact them so that i may continue my
      search .
      Thank you very much for your time
      Yours sincerely
      Rachel Marriott