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465Memories of Tristan

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  • nigelfolgate <nigelfolgate@aol.com>
    Jan 19, 2003
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      Hi all,
      now being the owner of a computor and "still learning" this had
      to be one of my first ports of call.
      I and my family used to live on Tristan,a while ago i must admit,
      1969-1974, when i was 7 years old, but all those fond memories are
      still with me and always will be. I very often think about returning
      for a short trip, even though things have change a great deal since i
      was there.
      My father was the postmaster and radio operator on the island and
      my mother still keeps in touch with friends. My sister whom we
      adopted is a Tristaner has you would be able to tell by her original
      surname which is Swain, one of the 7 island names. Many of her
      relations still remain on the island including her mother Violet and
      brother Alan who is the assistant manager of the crawfish factory.
      I am also the proud owner of a 2 hour cine film, now on a video of
      our time spent on the island. This includes a tristan
      wedding,traditional wool making,the potatoe patches, a trip to
      Nightingale in a Tristan longboat and much much more.
      It would be great to hear from anybody that remembers me or my
      family and if i can help with any information i would be more than
      willing, if i cant help i am sure my parents could find the answer.
      regards Nigel