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  • elainegdors
    May 1 5:50 AM
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      Perhaps I should explain my ancestral situation so that my intentions
      will be clear. My grandmother was sent to Minnesota on an "orphan
      train" in 1889 (from New York) and taken in, though probably not
      adopted, by a childless but loving family in southern Minnesota. As
      I was growing up I never knew about this and so did not ask any
      questions. In the past several years, I have developed an urge to
      trace my family back to their origins where possible. I spent the
      greater share of 12 years trying to find information on grandma
      Mayme, all to no avail (I have no birth name on which to search).
      Recently I became aware that she might have a direct relationship on
      Tristan da Cunha. This is the first breakthrough I have had in my
      pursuit. My hope is to find someone who has a history and names of
      the people who might help me in my efforts. I would have no way of
      knowing if grandma was born on Tristan da Cunha - or if her mother
      was somehow related to a resident there. I know I am hunting for
      a "needle in a haystack", but this is really my last resort. We
      celebrated Grandma's birthday as May 1, 1883.

      Please forgive me if my earlier message seemed thoughtless or
      offensive. It was not my intention. Elaine Dorsett
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