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302Jerry Weinstein, asthma

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  • Diane Mew
    Feb 1, 2002
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      Dear Jerry,
      I'm glad you liked the play, though many of the Tristan islanders
      in Britain didn't seem too keen on it - it is very fictionalized, and
      doesn't give a true picture of them nowadays. But if it is good theatre,
      that is what is important.
      Now on the asthma. Dr. Noe Zamel, of Mt. Sinai Hospital here in
      Toronto has been to Tristan twice. In 1993 he took some blood samples.
      He then teamed up with Sequana Therapeutics, and went back to Tristan in
      1996, with Carrie le Duc, this time to collect samples from all the
      islanders for further research. On both occasions he had the permission
      of the island Council - without which he would not have been able even
      to land!
      But why would there be any outcry? and from whom? The islanders
      received Noe and Carrie with their usual courtesy and kindness. They
      were pleased to make even a small contribution to the research that
      might eventually help thousands of sufferers. When the team left, they
      were given a big party. And when I was on the island in 2000 the
      islanders still had kind memories of Dr. Zamel. In fact, although the
      islanders did not ask for money, they did get new equipment for their
      little hospital, including, I think, an ultrasound machine. The hospital
      was badly damaged in the May 2000 hurricane, so I don't know whether it
      is still there.
      Good luck with your research. Tristan, like Shackleton, seems to be
      very popular these days. But it is a fascinating place. Yours, Diane
      Mew, Toronto.
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