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  • deacon_gill
    Apr 27, 2014
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      Hi there.  My Dad was the SPG missionary chaplain on Tristan 1956-61.  We left in April, a few months before the volcano blew.  My brother Michael and  I attended school on Tristan, first when Ron Harding was Head and then when Rhoda Downer took over.  My parents also both taught in the school for a time, between Ron and Rhoda.

      I had a younger sister, Elizabeth, and my little brother Christopher Francis Tristan was born on the island in June 1957.  His muddishes were Granny Mary, Granny Martha and Harriet Lavarello, and his fardies were Sidney Glass and Lars Repetto.

      Dad was the chaplain when Prince Philip made his famous visit in January 1957, and during the time of the Lost Boats. 

      We went on leave in 1958 and then returned to the island until 61, when the death of my grandfather made my parents decide to return to UK.

      We were all extremely happy on Tristan and I look back on it as an ideal childhood.  I'm now retired and have discovered that my parents kept all their letters from Tristan, plus the letters that islanders wrote to them.  I'm writing a memoir of my childhood and doing a lot of research in the process.

      If anybody on Tristan is interested in getting in touch, I would be delighted.  My best friends at school were Tordy, Minnie and Becca.
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