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2689Lords debate on the economies of the Overseas Territories

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  • Bob Conrich
    Nov 1, 2013
      Last night's debate in the Lords is long and wide ranging:

      I've excerpted below the parts that mention Tristan.


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      Baroness Hooper:

      Tristan da Cunha—which is heavily reliant on its one leading export, gourmet-quality lobster—needs
      to take advantage of new technology and upgrade its techniques, for example for buying and selling
      products online. Tristan is also looking to develop its tourism in line with its globally
      significant biodiversity and produce more high-quality, tourist-related products. Will the UK
      Government support this?

      Lord Blencathra:

      It does not require mega-investment to diversify the economy of many of these Territories.
      Ecotourism is a natural area for economic diversification, and that could work in nearly all the
      Territories. Tristan da Cunha has made a breakthrough with its gourmet lobster and exports 40 tonnes
      per annum to the EU, having fought for years for the right to do so with that mere 40 tonnes. It is
      also hoping to go upmarket with its island-produced knitwear, and if it improved its harbour then a
      lot of diversification would automatically follow.