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2580HMS Protector surveys Tristan anchorage

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  • bobconrich
    Nov 9, 2012
      Petersfield Post
      East Hampshire
      Navy surveys remote archipelago
      8 November 2012

      The most remotely inhabited archipelago in the world has been surveyed by the Portsmouth-based Royal Navy ice patrol vessel HMS Protector.

      The survey ship used its state-of-the-art multi-beam echo sounder to carry out the examination of the Edinburgh Anchorages at Tristan da Cunha.

      It is the first survey of the area to have been carried out using modern techniques.

      The British Overseas Territory is 1,750 miles from the nearest land, South Africa, and 2,088 miles from South America.

      Edinburgh of the Seven Seas is the main settlement on Tristan da Cunha, that was forced to evacuate its entire population to England following a volcanic eruption in 1961.

      In 1962, a Royal Society expedition visited the islands to assess the damage and reported that the settlement had been only marginally affected. Most families returned to Edinburgh in 1963.

      Captain Peter Sparkes, HMS Protector's commanding officer, said: "It is a genuine pleasure and privilege for HMS Protector and the Royal Navy to be able to help in making the waters around Tristan da Cunha safer for all seafarers. We are delighted to be here."

      From Tristan da Cunha, HMS Protector will begin its passage to the Antarctic.

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