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  • bobconrich
    Sep 16, 2012
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      Tristan Shipping News
      Tristan Times (Sarah Glass)

      The MV Edinburgh arrived at Tristan to beautiful weather on Thursday 30th August to begin fishing the outer islands of Inaccessible and Gough. Nightingale Island remains close, and will do so, until after a workshop in Cape Town, in November. When scientist and representatives from Tristan and Ovenstones will meet to look at all the scientific data from Nightingale.

      She unloaded cargo and did the independent lobster biomass surveys, at Tristan, Nightingale and Inaccessible, before starting commercial fishing at Inaccessible. These biomass surveys are done before the start of the fishing season, and when all TAC's have been caught.

      The vessel fishing time will be split between Inaccessible and Gough and is due to depart for Cape Town around the 16th October.

      ..... ends .....

      The new SA Agulhas first trip to the Tristan da Cunha Group.
      Tristan Times (Sarah Glass)

      The SA Agulhas II departed Cape Town on Thursday 6th September, on her
      inaugural Tristan-Gough voyage.

      The vessel arrived at Tristan on the morning of the 12th September to
      beautiful weather. It was also a fishing day at Tristan so the island
      was buzzing. The passengers were flown ashore over nine trips, and
      the passengers luggage, were brought ashore via boat. A number of the
      ships personnel also manage to make a short visit.

      Arriving back from Cape Town were fifteen resident Tristanians. The
      longest being away from Tristan was Rodney Green and Sarah Glass with
      baby Connor who had gone to Cape Town for medical treatment nine
      months ago. Connor was lucky to arrive a day before his 1st Birthday,
      which is today the 13th September.

      Monsignor McPartland also arrived on the new SA Agulhas.

      The Agulhas will now land researchers at Nightingale Island to do
      penguin studies, and procedure to Gough Island to do the annual
      changeover. She is due to be back at Tristan in the first week of
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