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2213Emergency Disaster Drill

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  • bobconrich
    Mar 3, 2011
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      In an arguably related development, HMG have announced the results of their review of international aid, which includes the ending of funding the UN Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

      "The review found that four agencies performed poorly or failed to demonstrate relevance to Britain's development objectives. The review therefore concluded that it is no longer acceptable for taxpayers' money from my department to continue to fund them centrally. So, I can tell the House today that the British Government will withdraw their membership of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and that DfID will stop voluntary core funding to UN-HABITAT, the International Labour Organisation and the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. This will allow over £50 million of aid money to be redirected immediately to better performing agencies."

      For the few who care about such things, the announcement on the review is here:

      Recurrent budgetary aid will continue for St. Helena, Turks & Caicos and Pitcairn, and aid for capital projects is likely to continue for Tristan.